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Figure 5 plots recursive Theil statistics for both models, along with a horizontal line at the 1.0 threshold.
We present estimations for Gini and Theil as the former is the most widely used indicator and the latter is the most theoretically appealing one (see Figures 34-45 and Figures 46-57, for the short and long run, respectively).
I also find that a number of standard measures of inequality often used in the literature, the Gini coefficient and the Theil inequality measure provide some support for the proposition that teams with more equal salary distributions have higher winning percentages.
Chor-Music auff Madrigal-Manier: Funffter Theil Musicalischer Andachten (1652/53), HaWV 439-469.
Because the decomposability of the Gini index is not straightforward, we use the Theil index to measure regional inequality.
A major strength of the book lies in using the Theil index to explain inequality between and within the demographic groups--a tool that was either not available or not as popularly used in an earlier book of the same name by Rao and Ramakrishnan (1980).
Notable tech companies like Amazon (which sells Trump's line of menswear as well as Ivanka's clothing), PayPal (co-founder Peter Theil has been an outspoken support of Trump) and Groupon and Sprint, which are sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice.
The research of this paper is to study on the differences of regional development in rural finance, and convergence, the differences of regional development in rural finance future trends do not make too much research, and this measure therefore only as auxiliary to understand the difference of regional financial development in rural areas, because of the exclusion method to construct complex econometric model; in in this paper the inequality index as a measure of the Theil index.