THELTactical High Energy Laser
THELTheater High Energy Laser
THELTransformed Hamster Embryonic Lung Cells
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The deceased has been identified as 45-year-old Hendavitharanage Selin Kumara alias 'Thel Kumara' from Sirimapura, who is believed to be a criminal gang leader.
Rawalpindi -- Decision has been taken to impart training of firemen to 40 employees of directorate colleges of all thel divisions of Punjab including Rawalpindi in federal civil defence training school Lahore.
Thel locals were astonished to see snowy weather in spring with temperatures below 0 degree.
Russian Ambassador said in press statements after the meeting, that he discussed with Dr Nafie a number of files pertinent to political work and relations between thel member parties , Russian and the Asian political parties.
We have sent thel letters several times, but did not get a response," Raimberdiyev complained.
It was Downing's fifth strike of the season and he was targeting more goal glory, starting with thel UEFA Cup Group E decider against experienced European campaigners Partizan at the Riverside Stadium.
According to Bentley's estimates, the illuminated works themselves rarely made a financial profit given that "Up to 1793, only Thel and Innocence can have been sold at a profit, considering only the cost of the copper" (85).
Developments are also being made in US Air force like Airborne Laser (Advanced Tactical Laser), the PHaSR and the Active Denial System and Navy equipment as well like Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (MTHEL), and Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) etc.
The executive director of Image international announced, "We are happy with our partnership with Empire, who produced the movie "Djinn", as well as the movie "Thel Al Bahar" (Shadow of the Sea).
When farmer Bertie Magee decides to light the gas and make tea, his wife Thel, declares that she wants a burger.
For Blake, Satan's choice to rebel was a bold foray into self-authorship; but Blake also reminds his readers that the Satanic "urge towards self-authorship" is both "fraught with difficulties" and "often accompanied by negative connotations" (62), as exemplified by Thel in Blake's The Book of Thel.
Loved always, Thel, Karen, Mandy, Debbie, Sons in law, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren xx MAZZONI Attilio (Tony) Of Ansty.