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THERMISTORThermal Resistor
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In the R6 area on the same day, the ribbon was activated at 4.38 am when the temperature in the S12 reference thermistor was 1.9[degrees]C, and then it was turned off at 6.08 am when the temperature at the same sensor reached 4.1[degrees]C.
The pressure sensor and thermistor are eutectic bonded to the ceramic substrate which give the TP series enhanced ruggedness and reliability and avoids potential delamination.
Headquartered in Orange, California, US Sensor is a manufacturer of thermistors and probe assemblies used in the most demanding temperature sensing applications.
which gives temperature T as a function of resistance R of the thermistor, and the four so-called Steinhart-Hart coefficients A, B, C, and D.
It uses thermistors or ultraviolet or visible sensors to detect the fire accident.
Much more often, temperatures need to be measured that are within the range of readily available thermocouples (-200[degrees]C to +2,000[degrees]C), RTDs (-200[degrees]C to +800[degrees]C), and thermistors and integrated circuit temperature sensors (-50[degrees]C to +150[degrees]C).
The majority of temperature sensors used in HVAC direct digital control (DDC) systems are thermistors and resistance temperature devices (RTDs).
The reference temperature under transducer was measured using FLUKE type 5610 thermistor (serial No A6B0211 absolute accuracy in 0 ...
A guide cannula was implanted into the brain to allow for the insertion of a thermistor that enabled the measurement of the right brain cortex temperature.
The Pro-Tech Pro-Wrap from Philips Respironics is designed for attaching a cannula to a thermocouple or thermistor. Pro-Wrap helps you meet the current AASM accreditation guideline for simultaneous airflow measurement of thermal and flow pressure.
The company's new outdoor air temperature sensor has a fast response, precision thermistor sensing element.
Patent 7,314,583 (January 1, 2008), "Organic Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor Device," Yukie Mori (TDK Corp., Tokyo, Japan).