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THESThessalonians (New Testament)
THESTimes Higher Education Supplement (UK)
THESThessalian (linguistics)
THESToronto Hydro Energy Services
THESThunder Hill Elementary School (Columbia, MD)
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Then Alexandrus builds his ships at Aphrodite's suggestion, and Helenus foretells the future to him, and Aphrodite order Aeneas to sail with him, while Cassandra prophesies as to what will happen afterwards.
After this, Menelaus sets sail for Crete, ordering Helen to furnish the guests with all they require until they depart.
In the meantime Castor and Polydeuces, while stealing the cattle of Idas and Lynceus, were caught in the act, and Castor was killed by Idas, and Lynceus and Idas by Polydeuces.
Of what I can but guess; the sentence was not finished, and never could be in this world.
"The worst of this war," said Raffles, "is the way it puts a fellow off his work."
It was, of course, the winter before last, and we had done nothing dreadful since the early autumn.
And this is so because the stage to him is life and life a stage.
It is from Shakespeare's works that we get the clearest picture of Elizabethan times.
But Shakespeare can never be old-fashioned, because, although he is the outcome of his own times, and gives us all the flavor of his own times, he gives us much more.
-- Against so strong a current it was, o course, quite impossible to row or sail: consequently th three boats were fastened together head and stern, two hand left in each, and the rest came on shore to track.
With respect to their propagation, I was told by th country people in Chile, that the condor makes no sort o nest, but in the months of November and December lay two large white eggs on a shelf of bare rock.
The condors may oftentimes be seen at a great height soaring over a certain spot in the most graceful circles On some occasions I am sure that they do this only fo pleasure, but on others, the Chileno countryman tells yo that they are watching a dying animal, or the puma devouring its prey.