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In arguing that Neoplatonic philosophy was not primarily a philosophy of otherworldliness, he orders his material around the key Platonic concept of assimilation to god or divinization (homoiosis theSi), distinguishing two aspects: divinization of the soul (part I) and divinization of the state (part II).
325, 330 (1885) ("[N]o court sits to determine questions of law in thesi. There must be a litigation upon actual transactions between real parties, growing out of a controversy affecting legal or equitable rights as to person or property."); see also, e.g., 7 Op.
Choco Time (Greece), Thesi Vrago; phone: 30-210-55-74474; p.
Etiam <<circumstantiae>> nihil afferunt pro thesi de simulato consensu ex parte viri; immo aliqua <<lacta>> potius illam refellere videntur; scilicet: conventi interventus die nuptiarum ad obtinendum ut actrix, quae intentionem patefecerat vale dicendi nuptiis, perseveraret in proposito de nuptiis celebrandis et quidem hora iam statuta; fidelitas viri perdurante vita conubiali; intentio quam conventus de prole procreanda patefecerat actrici ad convictum coniugalem servandum, quando ipsa iam intentionem patefecerat abrumpendi vitam coniugalem.