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"But ef thet's your notion of a gale -" He whistled.
Least of all when his excuse is thet he's seasick."
"Ho, yuss, we know all abaht thet! Set a thief to ketch a thief--ho, yuss."
"Whort price thet brikewater?" drawled Raffles coolly.
If you wath to thee our Children in the Wood, with their father and mother both a dyin' on a horthe - their uncle a retheiving of 'em ath hith wardth, upon a horthe - themthelvth both a goin' a black- berryin' on a horthe - and the Robinth a coming in to cover 'em with leavth, upon a horthe - you'd thay it wath the completetht thing ath ever you thet your eyeth on!
Pyone Thet Thet Kyaw said, 'I applied for the Chevening scholarship because I wanted to experience the global education system and tap into a worldwide network of leaders to find solutions to the challenges of our day.
After an investigation, we summoned him to be questioned and he confessed that he received the money, but claimed he did not know where it came from,' Thet said.
Thet also said that another myth surrounding Princess Diana had to do with her controversial statement during an interview with Panorama.
Bangladeshi guards joined a patrol with their Myanmar counterparts to investigate, he said, adding that Aung Kyaw Thet's body was found on Friday.
StrongFlowers' classes 'teach students of all ages about our bodies, as well as different chapters like safe sex to prevent from sexually transmitted disease and how to look after our bodies, hygiene and respect each other in relationships,' says Thet Su Htwe.
A second type of health partnership is one that can be described as 'emergent.' (6) Adopted by THET in its Health Partnership Scheme, emergent partnerships develop organically from personal relationships between health workers and act as a model for improving health and health services based on ideas of co-development between actors and institutions from different countries.