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Sathanthii kap ruengraw khong man jueng phuukphaankan tae pen khuamphuukphan thii mai taai mai yudning kanplianplaeng khong sing neung nam pai suu kanplianplaeng khong iik sing neung suengkan lae kan.
Khuammailongroikan rawaang ruengraw jak chaidaen nai pajjuban kap ruengraw haengchat pen phon maa jak kanphanprae khuammai lae khunasombat khong baankuetmuengnawn yang Patani lae chat Thai kap amnaat lonlaam khong rueanlaw thii mii khawh jamkad maakmaai yang prawatisat haeng chat.
Duay kanprakaat yang puetphuey pen khrang raek waa klum kawhkanray khue fai thii yuu buenglang khuamrunrang nai sam changwat phaktai khuamkhatyaeng nai sangkhom rawaang khon laak klum lai fai an nueng maa jaak panhaa phaktai kawh mot pai klaai pen khuamkhatyaeng chueng diaw thii ruam suun yuu thii that Thai kap Islam hua runraeng khaam phromdaen.
In the Europeanized pattern in (2b) phtu: cha:j is now an external head and thii has been introduced as a relative marker.
(17) Kanittanan reports that the dummy it of English has been calqued into the Thai "of the educated and students." For instance, instead of a phrase standing as subject in a verbless predication, the same phrase appears as a predicate to man pen `it is' and the original predicate appears in a relative-like clause introduced by thii (cf.
Rajpal, Sub-Inspector, of Gurgaon's Sector 29 Police Station, cast aspersions on the character of the victim with the words "woh bhii aisii hii thii".
maa kat dek thii nii leew dog bite child at this already `The dog bit the child already.' but (4) b.
TH had held the 95 per cent stake in the company via TH's two subsidiaries, namely TH Indopalms Sdn Bhd (THI) and TH Indo Industries Sdn Bhd (THII).
The texts in question include Baap thii saam [The third sin], a short story collection published in 1966, the title of which refers to the third Buddhist precept -- a prohibition on sexual misconduct, (10) the sinisterly titled Mum meut khong dichan [The darker parts of my life] from 1964, which, rather oddly, also includes a much longer second novel, Phan chuu [A thousand lovers]; (11) and the 1950 novel Roi phitsawaat [A hundred loves], which additionally includes a short story collection under the general rubric of Bantheuk phiset [Special report], together with an article by the literary critic Jetsadaa na Baangluang cataloguing Thidaa's personal and professional life.
The titles of eight of Thidaa's books are: Kham saaraphaap rak Khong ying saao [Confessions of a young woman's love life], Roi phitsawaat [A hundred loves], Mum meut khong dichan [The darker parts of my life], Baap thii saam [The third sin], Saen sawaat soophii [The passions of a young woman], Kinnarii raai ram [The dance of the Kinnari], Jumphit sii chomphuu [The rose-tinted kiss] and Reuduu rak pheung ja phii [The season of love has only just arrived].
(8.) The only publicly accessible library that possesses any examples of Thidaa's work is that of Cornell University, which catalogues a single copy of Baap thii saam.
Awet told the participants of the Governors Forum that 80% of insecurity incidents he faces in the state are internal caused by fighting among his state citizens where various Dinka clans have turned against each other over "cattle rustling and theft, competition over grazing lands and water points and bad judgments of judiciary personnel in settling crime cases." The Lakes state governor lamented that his "citizens are busy killing themselves with county against county and payam against payam" and detailed that clans fighting against one another include Nyang vs Joth section, Amothnhom vs Pakam, Kuacdit vs Kuac Thii of Ciec clan of Yirol East, Apak vs Atuot-Luac and Gok vs Jarwaw.