THIVTheoretical Head Impact Velocity (automobile testing)
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The theoretical head impact velocity (THIV) concept has been developed for assessing occupant impact severity for vehicles involved in collisions with road vehicle restraint systems.
The PHD is calculated as the peak value using a 10ms moving average of the resultant vehicle acceleration after the THIV impact.
Accelerometers, by help of which acceleration values in three directions of coordinates and ASI and THIV criteria are evaluated, both in real vehicle tests and in numerical experiments are mounted in the center of gravity of a car.
On the basis of recommendations of the above mentioned standard, for a impact severity level, determining occupant security level, the value of ASI criterion for metal barrier structures should not exceed 1, THIV [less than or equal to] 33 km/h and PHD [less than or equal to] 20g.
Such cases were reported from Ericaceae (personal observation), Polemoniaceae (Grant & Grant, 1965; Mabberley, 2000), Gentianaceae (Thiv & Kadereit, 2002a), Rubiaceae (Robbrecht, 1988), Boraginaceae (Taroda & Gibbs, 1986), Convolvulaceae (Wagner, 1989; Deroin, 1996), and Solanaceae (Robyns, 1930; Hunziker, 2001).
In some Gentianaceae stamens are inserted at different levels within a flower (Canscora, Hoppea, Schinziella) or the stamen filaments are of different length (Duplipetala, Phyllocyclus) (Thiv & Kadereit, 2002a).
Thiv Sophearith, head of the ministry's air quality office, said on Sunday that the ministry would make its air quality data public online and on Facebook in the next week, but did not respond to a request to clarify the ministry statement.
Subsequently, a reanalysis by the same research team showed that the first phylogenetic interpretations included contaminated or misidentified samples and that Saccifolium is actually a member of an exclusively Neotropical clade that is sister to the remaining members of Gentianaceae (Thiv et al., 1999).