THLPThe Hague Legal Partners (The Hague, The Netherlands, intermediary for experienced in-house counsel)
THLPTexas Honors Leadership Program
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Participants often referred to their improved health knowledge when discussing THLP benefits.
Participants also talked about the impact of THLP on their interest in assuming leadership roles in other areas of their lives (e.
Participants frequently talked about the impact of THLP on their sense of community membership and interest in community engagement.
Participants 1 and 5 also talked about the challenge of continuing activism in the absence of the established, supportive THLP community.
Echoing several others, Participant 10 described the role of THLP mentors in the process of college application: "They helped throughout [the] scholarships [process], and we all sat down to do college applications together.
When asked about the sources of their knowledge of health careers, participants mentioned biology classes, family members, and popular media, but also described many THLP activities, including presentations by guest speakers and visits to MUSC.
Participants discussed THLP as one of the influences on their career choices.
This study suggests that THLP has been successful in achieving its objectives of helping students from a minority, low socioeconomic status rural community develop health information literacy, leadership skills, and interest in health care and biomedicine careers.