THNATrinity Heights Neighborhood Association (Durham, NC; est. 1985)
THNATandy Hills Natural Area (Fort Worth, TX)
THNATwelve Horses North America, LLC (Reno, NV)
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(2) [??]-[C.sub.T]([lambda], r) = [disjunction]{[mu] [member of] [I.sup.X] :[mu] [greater thna or equal to] [lambda], [mu] is a r--fuzzy [??]--closedset} is called r-fuzzy [??]-closure of [lambda].
The Woodwork Institute's standards are used by more thna 7,000 architects, specifiers, and design professional.
We note that |[D.sub.w](z) - (1 - z) | [less thna or equal to] || - z|| [S.sub.w] (z) - 1 + [rho] [|z|.sup.k] [rho] (w) < (1 + p) ([S.sub.w](p) - 1) + [([P.sub.q] [rho]).sup.k].
[E.sub.n](g; [e.sup.-Q(x)]) [less thna or equal to] [alpha]([q.sub.n]/n)[E.sub.n-1](g';[e.sup.-Q(x)]).
** Leaf ureide concentration between Mn treatments for a genotype were different (P [less thna or equal to] 0.01) as determined by a t test.
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA)'s Director of Public Health Funding, Dr Haider Al Yousuf, has announced that the DHA's health insurance cover for people in the Emirate Saada (happiness) is on track with more thna 95.000 Emiratis under its ambit.
Low Haemoglobin Less thna 10 mg/dL###9 (10.2%)###14 (15.2%)
thna hmpMWdaSB "I hope they choose Brendan Rodgers." Whelan fears the uncertainty over Martinez's future could damage Wigan and has given him and Henry another 48 hours to make a decision, even though Liverpool are in no hurry to announce an appointment.