THNATrinity Heights Neighborhood Association (Durham, NC; est. 1985)
THNATandy Hills Natural Area (Fort Worth, TX)
THNATwelve Horses North America, LLC (Reno, NV)
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(2) [??]-[C.sub.T]([lambda], r) = [disjunction]{[mu] [member of] [I.sup.X] :[mu] [greater thna or equal to] [lambda], [mu] is a r--fuzzy [??]--closedset} is called r-fuzzy [??]-closure of [lambda].
The Woodwork Institute's standards are used by more thna 7,000 architects, specifiers, and design professional.
We note that |[D.sub.w](z) - (1 - z) | [less thna or equal to] || - z|| [S.sub.w] (z) - 1 + [rho] [|z|.sup.k] [rho] (w) < (1 + p) ([S.sub.w](p) - 1) + [([P.sub.q] [rho]).sup.k].
[E.sub.n](g; [e.sup.-Q(x)]) [less thna or equal to] [alpha]([q.sub.n]/n)[E.sub.n-1](g';[e.sup.-Q(x)]).
** Leaf ureide concentration between Mn treatments for a genotype were different (P [less thna or equal to] 0.01) as determined by a t test.
Low Haemoglobin Less thna 10 mg/dL###9 (10.2%)###14 (15.2%)
thna hmpMWdaSB "I hope they choose Brendan Rodgers." Whelan fears the uncertainty over Martinez's future could damage Wigan and has given him and Henry another 48 hours to make a decision, even though Liverpool are in no hurry to announce an appointment.