THOHTreehouse of Horror (The Simpsons)
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" Professor Hywel ThoH as, pro vice-chancellor, research, innovation and engagement, said: "Summer of Innovation is about putting ideas to work, taking innovation from the workbench to the boardroom, and pairing future partners with great opportunities.
Neem is used in traditional medicine for its antiviral (TIWARI et al., 2010), immunomodulatory (THOH et al., 2010), hypoglycemic (KHOSLA et al., 2000) and antineoplastic features (PERUMAL et al., 2012), coupled to such assets as hepaticprotector (CHATTOPADHYAY, 2003), inhibitor of gastric secretion (MAITY et al., 2009), spermicide and anti-fertilizing, antibacterial and healing agent (ROOP et al., 2005).
Once I explain [the Dharma-discourse] in this manner, those who have previously heard this [discourse] will obtain the sutra in their hands (de yi lag tu 'di 'thoh) at a later time in the future.