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Consider as well, that a photo such as this one achieves infinitesimal circulation and impact in comparison to such images as those in the Eastwood feature film Gran Torino (2008) which pigeonholed Hmong boys into the perennial roles of gang members versus geeks (Schein, Thoj and Vang 2012).
Schein, Louisa, Va-Megn Thoj, Ly Chong Thong Jalao and Bee Vang.
A little bit about my work: I've been living in the Twin Cities for about twenty years, so I was part of the first CAAR (Community Action Against Racism) that organized the KQRS protest (this is how I know Va-Megn Thoj).
Schein, Louisa and Va-Megn Thoj with Bee Vang and Ly Chong Thong Jalao.
Va-megn Thoj produced a documentary film, Death in Thailand (2002), that stridently accuses a Hmong American filmmaker of wrongdoing following the suicide of a young man girl who had apparently been devastated by her lover's unwillingness to fulfill his promise of marriage.
Thanks, also, for the assistance of Nor Lue Herr (Nom Lwm Hawj), Tou Her (Tub Hawj), Pao Pawrabat, Ajan Prachin, Suriya Smutkupt, Pongkaset Suwannakoon, Reinhard, Meng (Meej), Kou (Kevin) Thao, Wee Thao (Vis Thoj), Rebecca Weldon, Jimmy Vang, Chue Yang (Tswb Yaj), and Lt.
Vang, which erroneously attributed the shootings to the Hmong's status as Southeast Asian refugees unfamiliar with American hunting rules (Badillo, Mendy, and Eng 2005; Schein and Thoj 2007; Wieskamp 2007).
My concern was validated by Schein and Thoj's (2007, 2009) critique: many established Asian American organizations have yet to come to terms with the implications of the Hmong presence in the United States; existing Asian American discourses, heavily focused on Americans of East Asian descent, can be complicit in rendering Hmong Americans invisible.
She also published with Hmong filmmaker Va-Megn Thoj "Occult Racism" in American Quarterly on the Hmong hunting murders in Wisconsin and "Gran Torino's Boys and Men with Guns: Hmong Perspectives" in Hmong Studies Journal.
(4) Aside from numerous informal conversations, Schein and/or Thoj have participated in nine discussion forums, with Hmong and non-Hmong participants, and some with Gran Torino Hmong actors present.
Va-megn Thoj was appointed to the position of policy associate and Vally Varro took over the position of education director.
The most famous of the female singers now are Ntxhee Yees Xyooj (Thailand), Paj Muas (Thailand), Ntxhais Yaj (US), Dawb Thoj (Laos), Lis Vaj (US), Maiv Muas (Laos), Mim Haam (China) and Npaub Vaj (US).