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THOMASThe Human Oxytocin Mediated Attachment System (neurochemistry)
THOMASThose on the Margins of a Society (drug and alcohol rehabilitation program; UK)
THOMASThe House of Representatives Open Multimedia Access System
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"Should her disposition be really bad," said Sir Thomas, "we must not, for our own children's sake, continue her in the family; but there is no reason to expect so great an evil.
Norris," observed Sir Thomas, "as to the distinction proper to be made between the girls as they grow up: how to preserve in the minds of my daughters the consciousness of what they are, without making them think too lowly of their cousin; and how, without depressing her spirits too far, to make her remember that she is not a Miss Bertram.
At the end of two hours Thomas Mugridge put away knife and stone and held out his hand.
This was a sort of victory for Thomas Mugridge, and enabled him to accept more gracefully the defeat I had given him, though, of course, he was too discreet to attempt to drive the hunters away.
In such terms, no doubt, substituting the words 'boys and girls,' for 'sir,' Thomas Gradgrind now presented Thomas Gradgrind to the little pitchers before him, who were to be filled so full of facts.
Bitzer, after rapidly blinking at Thomas Gradgrind with both eyes at once, and so catching the light upon his quivering ends of lashes that they looked like the antennae of busy insects, put his knuckles to his freckled forehead, and sat down again.
"Dear Meg," Sir Thomas wrote for the last time, "I never liked your manner better towards me than when you kissed me last.
The scaffold was so badly built that it was ready to fall, so Sir Thomas, jesting, turned to the lieutenant.
Bime-by Thomas began to come up and so did the other feller -- William Obadiah Seaman, his name was.
As for Thomas, he was poor, and if his house didn't leak in dry weather it was about all that could be said for it, though it looks kind of pictureaskew.
Thomas. When I went up river we were so far from a school that I couldn't walk it in winter and there was a vacation in summer, so I could only go in the spring and fall.
Thomas hired an express wagon and took us all to spend the day at the shore ten miles away.