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THOMASThe Human Oxytocin Mediated Attachment System (neurochemistry)
THOMASThose on the Margins of a Society (drug and alcohol rehabilitation program; UK)
THOMASThe House of Representatives Open Multimedia Access System
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Sir Thomas sent friendly advice and professions, Lady Bertram dispatched money and baby-linen, and Mrs.
Sir Thomas could not give so instantaneous and unqualified a consent.
My dear Sir Thomas, I perfectly comprehend you, and do justice to the generosity and delicacy of your notions, which indeed are quite of a piece with your general conduct; and I entirely agree with you in the main as to the propriety of doing everything one could by way of providing for a child one had in a manner taken into one's own hands; and I am sure I should be the last person in the world to withhold my mite upon such an occasion.
As for Thomas, he was poor, and if his house didn't leak in dry weather it was about all that could be said for it, though it looks kind of pictureaskew.
Thomas hired an express wagon and took us all to spend the day at the shore ten miles away.
Bitzer, after rapidly blinking at Thomas Gradgrind with both eyes at once, and so catching the light upon his quivering ends of lashes that they looked like the antennae of busy insects, put his knuckles to his freckled forehead, and sat down again.
You must paper it,' said Thomas Gradgrind, 'whether you like it or not.
You are not, Cecilia Jupe,' Thomas Gradgrind solemnly repeated,
Dear Meg," Sir Thomas wrote for the last time, "I never liked your manner better towards me than when you kissed me last.
Yet the Reformation was stirring all the world, and while Sir Thomas More cheerfully and steadfastly died for the Catholic faith, there were others in England who as cheerfully lived, worked, and died for the Protestant faith.
Several days went by, the Ghost still foaming down the trades, and I could swear I saw madness growing in Thomas Mugridge's eyes.
Then I spoke frankly, telling him what I was enduring from Thomas Mugridge because of the three days of favouritism which had been shown me.