THOPSTape Handling Operational System
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The principal reason why doctrine writers remain uncommitted to making the THOPS having a permanent place in CI and HUMINT doctrine is because its purpose is now redundant, little more than a holdover from legacy doctrine.
At times, the reach of the THOPS extended beyond management of the GS HCT's and bypassed division and BCT 2Xs to the direct support (DS) teams organic to the force-providing MI brigade/BfSB.
The Director of the INSCOM Training and Doctrine Support Detachment at Fort Huachuca, and one of the designers of MI organizations in Modularity remarked that the THOPS "...
If the C/JTF does not require such augmentation, any personnel from the BfSB set aside for a THOPS function can form HCTs or OMTs to support the BCT level, where the demand for HUMINT assets is always highest.
The THTs, THOPS, CI Team, and HARC were able to do this with great success, but the G2X staff did not arrive until 10 days before TOA.
The G2X directed the THOPS section to serve as second-line editors and directed personnel changes to ensure our strongest editors reviewed the reports.
Based on the feedback from the SMEs, the G2X and THOPS Chief immediately developed a roadmap to implement the suggested improvements.