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THOTThe Hoe Over There
THOTTrans-Hudson Orogen Transect (Canada)
THOTTurbo Hydramatic Oxidation Test
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An' wuth thot I got up, hod a wash an' a cup o' coffee, an' went tull the brudge.
Old Jummy MacCaul thot hoz the farm beyond Doctor Haythorn's place.
An' with thot your father says: 'Verry sumple ut uz, Jummy.
He was a thun chap, thot mate-fellow, oz thun oz you an' me putt together," he remarked after a time, a slight twinkle in his eye of appreciation of the bull.
An' he told me tull my face homeward bound thot I'd been half an inch under my marks.
An' thot night, after dark, I hauled un an' took on the coal.
Old MacPherson said he could work ut by hond, but very slow ot thot.
I went on tull a guid place an' dropped anchor, an' ut would all a-been well but for thot domned eediot mate.
We smashed thot lighter,' says he, comun' up the lodder tull the brudge--an' the pilot stondun' there wuth his ears cocked tull hear.
I dudna see no lighter,' says I, and wuth thot I steps on hus fut guid an' hard.
No see a two-hundred-ton lighter, bug oz a house, alongside thot shup?
I was goin' by the shup's lights,' says I, 'an' I dudna touch the shup, thot I know.