THPAThessaloniki Port Authority (Greece)
THPATala Hydroelectric Project Authority (Bhutan)
THPAThe Hot Pepper Awards (cooking products competition)
THPATraditional Health Practitioners Act (South Africa)
THPATexas Highway Patrol Association and Museum (also seen as THPM)
THPATees and Hartlepool Port Authority Ltd
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The stoichiometric amount of monomer (EnE or BPDGE) and THPA were mixed in anhydrous dichloromethane, and then the solvent was removed and dried in vacuum at room temperature.
Among the mixtures, the monomer and THPA cannot form a eutectic mixture and both of them show their own melting points (Fig.
At the very beginning of curing, the addition of THPA to the azobenzene leads to the decrease of S1 and the increase of S2.
The THPA provides a means of regulating THPs and establishing an Interim THP Council for their registration.
According to the THPA of 2007, the Interim THP Council formation is a function of the Ministry of Health.
Implementing the THPA would eliminate lawful hindrances to providing traditional medicine benefits in medical schemes.
The above-described security services will be provided throughout the area of the defined area of the port facility ThPA SA and specifically each defined -since YALE- points and access control areas, that is not exhaustively, on the perimeter of the port facility, the interface zones ( land area), and in particular access control points to the port facility (Passenger Terminal, Gate access to port Egkatastsi vehicles and trains, the Security Control Centre of the Port Installations / unloading (KEALE) and restricted areas), as those provided by the "Port Facility Security Plan" THPA SA.
The contract is for the provision of independent support services and business organization services and support THPA SA in processing various auxiliary for one (1) year.
Material monitoring work of THPA warehouses SA and handling of these issues.