THPOTribal Historic Preservation Officer
THPOTris-hydroxymethylphosphine oxide
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Generally, if a resource is on tribal lands, the THPO will have jurisdictional control.
56 Overall, the SHPOs and THPOs play a vital role in the section 106 consultation process and in the preservation movement generally.
The Landstuhl THPO and CORFAC partnership started in March 2014 and has developed into an enduring line of service which continues to assist in the performance of daily sick call, physicals, and solitary confinement checks using synchronous TH.
A special thanks to all of the dedicated CORFAC Army Medic staff and the LRMC THPO staff whose support and hard work made this cooperative effort possible: SGT Matthew Belot, SGT Brianna Lambert, SGT Brian Curtis, SFC Todd Hall, and Mr Anthonia Clark.
105) These Indian tribes have the same rights of consultation and concurrence that THPOs are afforded; yet the SHPO remains a consulting party in the Section 106 process.