THPTTime-Hopped Pulse Train
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Input: Bilingual Corpus and KP Table from Algorithm 1 (1) for all phrases p in KP do (2) if - log(E-value(p;)) [less than or equal to] [[tau].sub.F] then (3) add p' to ThPT (4) end if (5) end for Output: Pruned Phrase Table P_PT However, the idea can be also used for phrase-based SMT [1, 41] perfectly.
At thpt the moment, Craig is planning what he needs to do to make Glasgow ready to take on the task of feeding a huge influx of people until the Games finish on August 3.
The athlete's defence lawyers asked for him to be remanded in custody at a police station in an lawyers anded in on in an affluent in a ma ther thPT affluent neighbourhood, instead of in a nearby prison.