THRASSTeaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills
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We at Hollywood School here in Birmingham, have been the trial exponents of the THRASS learning criteria, and have found it be an excellent new addition to children's reading and word recognition skills.
She said, 'All our teachers are trained to an advanced level, with funds paid out of our own budget, in the Teaching, Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills - Thrass - system.
A film crew from Thrass recorded 30 minutes of footage at the school, which has now been placed on the internet at
Vicky Meadows, headteacher at Windsor Clive Infants' School in Cardiff, uses the Thrass method of phonics.
Around 10 years ago, educational psychologist Mr Davies, 49, and wife Hilary, 48, set up Thrass - Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills.
The couple said they did not set out to do charity work or to give up their own money to help the poor, but became involved when a school in Botswana asked them to travel to Africa to show them the teaching methods used by Thrass.
Spalding's multi-sensory methods have also been rediscovered (Moore 1998), and THRASS (Davies & Ritchie 1996), which emphasises phoneme/grapheme correspondences, is popular in some states.