THREATCONThreat Condition
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The MPs gave the DoD police force support to move one THREATCON level to another.
For the COLE tragedy, CTF53 also opened critical cargo mission channels into Bahrain during Threatcon Delta and coordinated with AMC for Engine Running Off-loads/On-loads (EROS) via C-17 aircraft.
"Being in 'Threatcon Charlie' here means no one stops in front of the gate in a car, and there's a 100 percent baggage check and auto check before even entering the base."
officers were bludgeoned to death in a melee with North Korean border guards in the Joint Security Area on 18 August 1976), it had not elevated the FPCON (formerly called THREATCON) since this system of threat designation has been in use.
* Explanation of terrorism threat levels and THREATCON system