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THRIPTechnology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (South Africa)
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According to Zikode, THRIP has a chance to ensure that the work that was started a long time ago, and continued with the new government will expand the programme and will keep it abreast of new changes.
The effectiveness in reduction of thrip population was recorded up to one week.
Keywords: Population, Feeding efficiency, Thrip and Spiders.
La estimacion del semivariograma se hizo con los datos de captura de Thrips simplex obtenidos en los sitios de muestreo; el valor experimental del semivariograma se calculo en base a lo establecido por Isaaks y Srivastava (1989):
2008) proved that imidacloprid showed better results against cotton thrips with the mortality of 96.
In Bahawalnagar, one hot spot of white fly, Thrips (2), and armyworm (1).
The bio-insecticides market for thrips control is projected to reach a value of USD 418.
In the states of Piaui and Maranhao, which have typical ecotone vegetation (caatinga-cerrado), no thrips species were recorded yet on forage, ornamental or weed plants.