THRRTransient Hyperemic Response Ratio
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Exercise Prescription: Intensity: THRR: 105-125, THR: 115; initial work load: 50 Watts; RPE: 3-4/10.
Peak WL: 90 Watts Peak HR: 103 (resting + 46, 62% AAMHR) Peak BP: 138/64 (resting +30/4) Peak RPE: 7 (very hard) Reason for test termination: LE fatigue ("Legs gave out") Exercise Prescription: Intensity: THRR: 85-95; initial work load: 50 Watts; RPE 3-4/10 Duration: initially 15 min plus warm up & cool down, gradually increase as tolerated to 30 min Frequency: 3/wk * Note by author: The AAMHR and 85% AAMHR are listed on the test record for purpose of reference and as endpoint for submaximal testing.
Thresher Industries (PinkSheets: THRR), a United States-based company that operates an ISO 9000-compliant, green foundry that integrates biodegradable technologies and processes, to lower the economic and environmental costs of production, has announced the completion of its management team restructuring.