THRSTheology and Religious Studies
THRSTechHome Rating System (Consumer Electronics Association)
THRSThe Honor Roll School (Sugar Land, TX)
THRSThyroid Hormone Resistance Syndrome (endocrinology)
THRSTexas Health Reinsurance System
THRSThyroid Hormone Response Sequence
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(6) found that adopting a holistic programme of perioperative enhanced recovery reduced inpatient stays and readmissions after THRs and TKRs.
(70) reported on 39 THRs in 28 patients with a mean age of 17.9 years.
The number of days HCM consumed by the children was 22 days per month and THRs were issued for 5 days.
90-95% of total hip replacement (THR) prostheses survive for at least 10 years, and there is an increasing demand within our population for such an intervention due to rising life expectancy among the ageing cohort with degenerative joint disease [3, 4].
(range 0-2,5) Rate of previous Authors hip surgery Johanson 7 cases (21%) (2 Girdlestone, 2 arthrodesis, 1 Colonna arthroplasty, 1 hemiarthroplasty, 1 ORIF) Edwards 10 cases (43%) (8 THRs, 2 arthrodesis) Schmalzried N.C.
The hierarchical regression analyses in this study revealed nursing interventions provided significantly greater explanatory power than SOI scores for the hospital care costs of patients receiving THRs (see Tables 2 & 4).
A new government study indicates that the number of total hip replacement (THR) surgeries carried out in the U.S.
Wear-related failure is the most common reason for revision in many published series and joint arthroplasty registries and is significant for young patients who have long life expectancies and place high physical demands on their THRs. Epinette and Manley [sup][29] compared survivorship in a cohort of 412 patients (447 hips) who received COC bearings with a cohort of 216 patients (228 hips) with ceramic on highly cross-linked PE bearings for a minimum follow-up of 10 years and found no significant difference in survivorship between cohorts.
<< Detection des batiments dans les images THRS avec la morphologie mathematique >>.
THRs decreased from 66% of all arthroplasties to 40%.
Selby was in control thrs oughout the fight and shook Munroe at the end of the first round, continuing to outbox him before a flurry of shots persuaded referee Ian John Lewis to stop the contest.