THSDTexas Hearing and Service Dogs (training group; Austin, TX)
THSDThe Holly Springs Disaster (band)
THSDTrailing Hopper Suction Dredger
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The number of active Visa cards amounted to 22 thsd by the end of 2013.
The highest average monthly salary for Jan-Sept 2012 was fixed in Mellat Bank - $1.9 thsd or 784 thsd AMD (11.2% growth
was the second with $1.5 thsd or 619 thsd AMD (0.3% decline versus Jan-Sept 2011), with the total number of employees being 389
Manukyan said that the Aero-Meteorological Center provided the information about the flight situation for 33 thsd AMD per
Davtyan added that today Converse Bank numbers about 82.5 thsd active cards against almost 49 thsd as of early 2012.
Bank is going to increase the number of the cards to 90 thsd by the end of 2012.
which the number of internet users of the company grew from 14 thsd subscribers in 2009 to 150 thsd in 2012.
500 thsd more citizens are about to be deported because they have made several violations and one more violation will automatically
insurance package costs more than 40 thsd AMD, the customers will receive non-chip MasterCard Gold on the same terms.
to considerable growth in exports of apricots (23 thsd tons), potatoes (20 thsd tons), grapes (about 7 thsd tons), peaches (980 tons),
and rise of the minimum salary in Q3 2013 from 35 thsd to 45 thsd AMD, as well as by continued reduction in unemployment.