THSDNTactical High Speed Digital Network (upgrade for existing US Army mobile subscriber equipment)
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To support major combat operations in Fallujah, the battalion relocated an A/28 SIG THSDN Node Center from Camp Liberty to Abu Gharayb prison and the ACPs Contingency package and 8MB/s dual home SEN supporting one of the division's BCTs to a FOB between Baghdad and Fallujah.
The task force located a Contingency Switch and ATM and THSDN SENs at the Baghdad Police headquarters and the Eastern and Western District Police headquarters, all in very urban terrain amidst the local populace.
In the middle of their reconstitution phase, they also had the difficult challenge of training Soldiers and leaders to use both the current THSDN capability and the newly enhanced QMUX capability.
The 8Mb THSDN was critical in passing this traffic.
Current legacy THSDN small extention nodes have a maximum data capability of 512Kbs.