THSFToulouse Hacker Space Factory (festival; France)
THSFTar Heel State Firearms (North Carolina)
THSFTexas High School Football
THSFThe Hundreds San Francisco (California)
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Compared with failure process of the Series IV specimen, obviously, the midflaw inclination angle significantly influenced failure behaviors of THSF specimens.
Obviously, as shown in the failure figures, second rupture just was observed in several specimens, which mainly occurred in the tests of SHTF-60 and THSF specimens, especially for SHTF-60 and THSF-90 as shown in Figures 5(e) and 10(e), respectively.
In the case of THSF specimens, failure at sidewalls of two holes is similar to that of single-hole case.
For THSF specimens, middle flaw was also located in the stress concentration area of two holes.
The Swing Tip can be loaded onto a 0.035-inch guidewire including a THSF, thereby enabling secure stent placement.
We recommend exchanging guidewires for rigid ones, such as a THSF, in cases with severe stricture, even if the Swing Tip can pierce more deeply and clearly dilate the stricture, because there are various factors of failures in device deliveries.