THTRTheatre (course)
THTRThorium Hochtemperatur Reaktor (German: Thorium high temperature reactor)
THTRTake Home the Rest
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HKG's objectives were to construct, equip and operate a prototype nuclear power station in Uentrop with a thorium-fuelled high-temperature reactor with a capacity of approximately 300 Mwe (hence its name THTR 300 - Thorium High Temperature Reactor).
Wachholz, "Construction and operating experience with the 300-MW THTR nuclear power plant," Nuclear Engineering and Design, vol.
(Tue, Library Thtr) Mirror, Mirror (PG) Visually striking but underwhelming, unfunny post-modern rework of Snow White with brigand dwarves on stilts, a bland heroine and Julia Roberts phoning in the snide, sarcastic Evil Queen with her sights on marrying the wealthy prince.
production at Prop Thtr of Chicago in February 2011.
Prop Thtr named Peter Bucci, former not-for-profit consultant and co-founder of Springboard Theater Company, as its new managing director.
Unfolding on waves of tension, it's astonishing film-making.(Tue, Library Thtr) *** Titanic 3D (12A) The 3D adds little, but reissued for the 100th anniversary of the sinking, Cameron's epic remains a sweeping big screen romance.
24--then, via the National New Play Network, goes on to the Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis and Prop Thtr in Chicago.
(Tue, Library Thtr) Snowtown (18) Biopic of John Bunting, Australia's most notorious serial killer, exploring his relationship with his teenage steps-son who, needing a father figure, absorbed his bigotry and malice.
CHICAGO: The 19th annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival, run by Curious Theatre Branch and Prop Thtr, bears no theme to follow up last year's Beckett motif, except perhaps a numeric one, in that from now through Nov.
* Prop Thtr has extended its premiere of "2 Unfortunate 2 Travel," adapted from Thomas Nashe's 16th-century novel "The Unfortunate Traveller" about the world travels of Jack Wilton and the famous people he encounters.
(Tue, Library Thtr) *** On Release 21 Jump Street (15) Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum star as bungling undercover cops posing as high school students to smash a drugs ring in update of the TV series that launched Johnny Depp.
Organized by Curious Theatre Branch and Prop Thtr, Rhino Fest also gathers your usual gaggle of Chicago-based companies, artists and tricksters--Asbestos Theatre Project, Halfway House Theatre Society, Hermit Arts, Jenny Magnus, Michael Martin and Still Point Theatre Collective--showcasing their latest wares.