THTSTungsten Heat Transport System
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One concern is that the patrols will begin to try to take on the characteristics of a Tactical HUMINT Team (THT).
Satellite telephones for all THTs were recommended.
In an environment where we needed to win the hearts and minds of good Iraqis, the Abu Ghraib scandal severely impacted the cooperation of citizens with soldiers, THTs, and other intelligence collectors--adding to the already existing cultural and language challenges.
Achieving good results is difficult even with THT reporting, but overwhelmingly so when it comes to reporting from patrols and individual soldier reporting.
As currently configured, THTs canvass the countryside in Iraq to answer PIRs and gather information for brigade and higher headquarters.
[] THTs are led by 35D tactical intelligence company grade officers and supported by a mix of 97B CI Agents, 97E HUMINT Collectors, and 97L Linguists.
When we arrived, all the HUMINT Collectors were in Tactical HUMINT Teams (THTs).
We task-organized Tactical HUMINT teams (THTs) in Kosovo to provide the command with answers about persons and organizations in the Multinational Brigade-East (MNB-E) U.S.
Second, CI Teams should operate as BfSB force designers suggest, rather than being dismantled and task organized with HUMINT collectors to perform as the Tactical HUMINT Team (THT) of the 1990s.
The Tactical HUMINT Team (THT) can be an incredibly useful resource at the battalion task force level.
This helped the G2 ACE better assess the effectiveness of 101st combat patrols, tactical human intelligence (HUMINT) team (THT) coverage, the information operations (IO) campaign, psychological operations (PSYOPs), and civil-military operations (CMO).