THTUTerre Haute Transit Utility (Indiana)
THTUThousands Hundreds Tens Units (hexadecimal mathematics)
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Talking amid the handing over function in the city, THTU Chairperson, Mr Salifius Mligo, said that the devices will help in minimizing maternal mortality in the hospital.
He included that THTU decided to see Palestina Sinza Hospital to render a small donation as a procedure of showing their appreciation and as the sole way of bolstering the attempts done by the government in enhancing health services in the nation particularly in minimizing maternal mortality.
He mentioned the equipment provided by THTU to Palestina Sinza hospital as 100 pieces of bed sheet, cotton worth of amount more than 1ml/-, 5 rolls of gauze absorbent BPC worth more than 200,000 shilling, 40 packets of government examination Latex disposable and 100 pieces of Lamaa soap.