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THUDThe Harvard Undergraduate Drummers (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
THUDThe Usual Disclaimers Apply
THUDTransportation and Housing and Urban Development Act
THUDTactical Heads Up Display
THUDTransaction History User Directory
THUDThe Harvard University Drummers (Cambridge, MA)
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In return, we hope that the artists will promote what rattle and Thud is doing.
Its nine original songs declare the state of the nation in urgent declarative sentences ("America needs a leader") sung to folkish melodies over Young's patented wash of distorted electric guitar and lumbering bass-and-drums thud.
In the opening duet, two men, as close as packed sardines, engage in lifts that end in a lilt or a thud.
He makes a splash that quickly becomes a thud in the New York City broadcast market as a sportscaster, and gets caught up in the super-paced Big Apple lifestyle.
And with a thud of a wholly different sort, someone has clubbed a Dwarf to death.
To grab the feet of the majority party and run screaming down the stairs of the Washington Monument with their opponent's head bouncing off each of the 897 cement steps with a soft, wet thud.
The horrible thud of two cars colliding became the thud of bombs, bullets, maiming, and killing.
But now he aims to envelop us in a cloudy vision of the present--a vision magnified by imagination, paranoia, and the dull thud of war.
But experts see the stars aligning for a surge in new IPO activity, albeit with a more cautious tone than a few years ago, when many new companies rocketed to paper riches, then later fell to earth with a thud.
That thud we heard around the country was President Fox's party hitting a new low in the administration, as voters decided to strip the Guanajuato cowboy of over a quarter of his partisan allies in the Chamber of Deputies and kick the PAN out of its gubernatorial stronghold in Nuevo Leon.
IRELAND confirms itself as a dance nation this May Bank Holiday when The Bud Thud returns to Galway to shake the house.