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THUGSTrues Humbly United Gathering Souls (Flesh N Bone)
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A local politician was Wednesday robbed of her phone and her son's medication by thugs who waylaid her outside a private clinic at the town.
The threat is thought to be from two young thugs who are Kinahan aligned - who have spotted an opening in the North Dublin suburb.
He explained that the thugs started shooting into the air to scare the residents, who ran for safety saying the monarch and some of his aides were seriously injured during the attack.
Thugs of Hindostan is an adaptation of the 1839 novel, Confessions of a Thug.
Islamist extremists linked with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are the thugs of our time.
There is a near-certainty in American political speech, going back to the 1980s: When a senior United States official labels you a thug, trouble follows.
Outrage as racist thug fined just PS300 after Outrage as racist thug fined just PS300 after vile tirade against two Asian men on a bus vile tirade against two Asian men on a bus
The actress was filming scenes for her upcoming TV drama "Tuffahit Adam" (Adam's Apple), when a thug attacked her and her crew.
Where were the snatch squads hidden in the bushes to really surprise the thugs, actually doing something to disrupt their nightly disturbances?
Later, Ali said, Darsh and his group of thugs stormed Al-Masaken, the main street in the village, firing wildly and setting fire to local shops.
Three policemen were also injured when thugs hurled Molotov cocktails at their patrol jeep in Janabiya at 5am.
Organisers blamed football thugs from Edinburgh for the brawl.