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THUMPERTeddy Hurling Ultra Microwave Powered Ejection Rifle (Kids Next Door show)
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Most of the factories in the end got them because of the holes being put in their walls - the alarm company put in what we'd call thumpers.
When asked why he did not keep the money, Thumper responded, "I did what I did because I got a heart.
When Mr: Pugsley was brewing Old Thumper in the 1980s it was considered a very strong ale-and, by English standards, it still is.
Destroy punk shirt designed by McLaren and Westwood Thumper the rabbit could be worth pounds 240
Draw for next Monday's final: 1 Rhincrew Scholes, 2 Bansha Folly 3 Kilahoran Choice 4 bba Gabba Hey (m) 5 Malbay Thumper (m) 6 Tyrur Rodge (w) TRANSTOWN MUL set the standard by beating odds-on Seamies Gambler in the first heat of the 750m Coral TV Marathon at Romford on Monday night.
The Thumper started out ahead in its first of three heats Saturday, and Bodine had the craft going what seemed like the fastest 7 mph anyone had ever gone.
Barry Sadler's "The Ballad of the Green Berets," a patriotic chest thumper that could have been written by the Pentagon.
The middle-grade conveyor has a 32-inch Chevron belt and thumper roller.
The judge noted that huge thumper trucks used in the exploration had left behind 15-inch ruts in the soil, not the four-inch ruts that BLM anticipated.
A new version of the Thumper Professional Massager from Wellness Innovations is said to owe its sleek new appearance in large part to the "elegant" special-effect color developed by Clariant Masterbatches.
Or what about the Elrod House where Bambi and Thumper bounce on Sean Connery in Diamonds are Forever or the Rainbow House which Mel Gibson blows up in Lethal Weapon 2.
Susan Kristy Swanson Thumper George Eads Matt David Sutcliffe David Steven Eckholdt