THUMSTotal Human Model for Safety
THUMSTotal Human Model for Safety (Toyota)
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THUMS is available for purchase through the JSOL Corporation (Tokyo) and ESI Group (Tokyo).
since 2000 to develop THUMS, which allows for computer simulation and analysis of actual conditions during a crash and of the mechanisms of injury occurrence, including that of injuries to internal organs and other parts of the body.
THUMS allows injuries sustained by human bodies during vehicle crashes to be simulated on the computer.
And, in the 1870s, the concoction was readied upon request in Grand Rapids at a pharmacy owned by William Thum.
The initial move to Chalt went without incident and Durand issued an ultimatum to the Thums. It seems likely that the Thum of Nagar was inclined to come to terms, but he was overruled by his more warlike neighbour.
THUMS Version 4, of an adult male of average build, adds detailed models of internal organs to the previous version's models of bones and the brain, enabling analysis of injuries to a wider range of internal organs.
(TMC), says, "We have found that data derived from crash test dummies has been useful-but limited." So they devised what's called "THUMS" for Total Human Modeling for Safety.
"Oh, in the first half of this century--say, the Twenties for the father and on into the Fifties with Owen the Younger." Wilson then spun out an elaborately unlikely saga involving the Thums and Thum the Younger's widow, who lost the collection to an unsavory lawyer named Gerald Billius, who may even have murdered her to get it but who then gradually grew bored with his acquisition, eventually allowing it to lapse into the hands of his granddaughter, a curious Texas matron named Mary Rose Cannon, whom Wilson himself subsequently happened to meet one day in Pasadena.
Four-Year Joint Research Project Using THUMS Virtual Human Model