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THVTranscatheter Heart Valve (cardiology)
THVTrial Home Visit (child services)
THVTrue Home Value (home improvement supplies; Louisville, KY)
THVTaille-Hüft Verhältnis (German: Waist-Hip Ratio)
THVTotal Hand Value (quality measure of fabrics)
THVthrough-hole via (electronics)
THVThe Hackers Voice (UK)
THVTerminal Hepatic Vein
THVTotal Hazard Value
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16,000 the number of boxes of cereal/dollars donated to the Arkansas Foodbank in 2016, which earned AECC first-place honors in its division of the THV Summer Cereal Drive.
* BRIC Prosthetic Heart Valve Procedures volumes by segments - Conventional Aortic Valve Replacement Procedures, Conventional Mitral Valve Procedures and Transcatheter Heart Valve (THV) Procedures.
Topic hot acceleration tha shows the speed of thv, which can be presented as the first derivative of topic hot velocity tha = thv.
O Teste de Habilidades de Visualizacao de Imagens Mentais (THV) possui boas qualidades psicometricas em ambas as series de que e constituido (Self e Nao-Self); H3.
The Sapien THV is made of cow tissue and polyester supported with a stainless steel mesh frame.
Phylogenetic analyses were performed based on THV P1, 2C/3C/3D, and full polyprotein sequence excluding divergent aa 799-1199.
Researchers did not observe a statistically significant correlation between CT-based abdominal fat measures and THV, WMHV or BI.
The Swedish tools and industrial consumables and components provider Bergman & Beving AB said on Thursday (27 April) that it has agreed to acquire Norwegian company Maskinforretningen Thv. Christensen AS (Maskinforretningen).
The THV compact microprocessor-based SCR power controller features a full line of amperages.
THV X 815 G is a THV-type fluoropolymer aimed at inner barrier layers of automotive fuel hose.
RKC Instrument has announced the THV, a compact microprocessor-based SCR power controller with a full line of amperage.
The new brand; THV: America's Home Improvement Company, will be phased in over the next two years,