THWSTendring Hundred Water Services, Ltd. (UK)
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The bill said THWs are entitled to the same benefits enjoyed by barangay health workers, such as Philhealth insurance coverage and hospitalization in case of work-related injury or sickness; free tuition in public high schools and universities for either the THW or his or her children; continuing training from the DOH; and free legal services for concerns in connection with the exercise of one's duties and responsibilities as a THW.
Under the measure, every THW must have undergone health-care training by either the government or a nongovernment organization (NGO).
Under HB 7859, the tribal chief appoints the THW, taking into account the traditions of the tribe.
The local health board is tasked to register the THW and furnish a copy of the THW list to the DOH, which, in turn, shall maintain a national list of tribal health workers.
Using these equations, the dynamic speed equations were formulated for TWs, ThWs and FWs were obtained as:
got ve got five on Fe Bu thws on But the win t On City: "Suddenly at this time of the season they're so wound up knowing they can't lose again and are afraid to play."
The few documented facts about THWS are, after all, already well established.
As apologists for the Earl of Oxford's authorship case are fond of pointing out, it is curious that early eyewitnesses to THWS's plays in performance do not mention the author by name.
One has to face the fact that THWS is a function of the system of words within which "Shakespeare" happens to figure at a given moment, in given circumstances.
On the basis of that information, it calculates the THW to the vehicle ahead and displays this to the driver in red 10-mm-high LED characters.
The following data were stored by the data logger: (a) date and time of the event, (b) THW to the lead vehicle, and (c) velocity of the following vehicle (the one with the Controlaser-100).
In addition to our primary interest in the overall effect of the THW feedback, we were also interested in evaluating the differential effects of the system at different speeds, during the day versus the night, and -- both before and after the provision of the THW feedback -- as a function of practice (week).