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THZTechno Hill Zone (gaming; Sonic Robo Blast 2)
THZThe Hounds of Zeus (gaming group)
THZToxic Hazard Zone (US DoD)
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In order to overcome the limitation in wireless nanonetworks, graphene has recently emerged as a new nanomaterial to enable the production of nanoantennas for electromagnetic wave transmission in the THz band [5-7].
The THz-TDS system used in this work was a high speed Picometrix T-Ray 4000 system, generating linearly polarized, pulsed THz radiation detected in an 80 ps window, with a bandwidth of approximately 2 THz, modified to operate at a 1000 waveforms/sec acquisition rate.
In order to test and further improve the knowledge on atmospheric propagation at THz frequencies, it is extremely important to have experimental data on the special transmission windows.
Intense multi-octave supercontinuum pulses from an organic emitter covering the entire THz frequency gap.
The researchers developed a computational tool and used it to successfully identify two explosives, RDX and TATP, with THz data directly.
The terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum can be defined as occupying the high frequency range 0.1-10 THz and bounding the microwave and midinfrared regions.
In this work, a novel tunable antenna using graphene-based AMC is proposed for THz applications.
Both the groups received THZ, metformin or ferulic acid at two different concentrations.
The unit cell of dual-band THz CMMs is composed of two different sized mutually twisted metallic cross-wire separated by dielectric layer.
4(b), we show the retrieved index for an UFS where the metaspacer parameters are set to exhibit the wideband double-negative response displayed in the inset (i.e., similar to region (0), by taking [[omega].sub.p] = 600 THz, [[omega].sub.0] = 250 THz, [[gamma].sub.e] = 1 THz, [[gamma].sub.m] = 75 THz, and F = 3.25.
The THz frequency region represents an important intersection between spatial resolution and penetration depth.
For this purpose, considering diameters between 100 to 800[micro]m and lengths between 250[micro]m and 3 mm, the proposed structure will behaves as a small dipole or a dipole working from GHz to THz. In order to design a micro-antenna we analyze the key scattering parameter at the input port of the ring structure ([S.sub.11] parameter) which defines the reflectivity at the input port (see inset of Fig.