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THZThe Hounds of Zeus (gaming group)
THZToxic Hazard Zone (US DoD)
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Intense multi-octave supercontinuum pulses from an organic emitter covering the entire THz frequency gap.
aggregate disparate sources of data about the same experiment, such as metadata from the THz device, histology images and reports, proteomics data, photographs of the experimental set up, and the THz image; and
In this work, a novel tunable antenna using graphene-based AMC is proposed for THz applications.
Two different amounts of ferulic acid in combination with OHDs, namely THZ and metformin, were also tested on the diabetic rats.
In this work, we propose a dual-band THz CMMs with combined two different sized cross-wire structures in a unit cell.
Given the design frequency of 1575 THz the radius of the core is obtained at 20.
He covers guided and leaky mode propagation in periodic surroundings, demonstrates formulation of the periodic system and applications to electromagnetic and optical devices, and introduces the evolution of periodic structures and their applications in microwave, millimeterwave, and THz.
The proposed paper is developed as follows: (i) we first analyze by means of a three dimensional (3D) finite element method (FEM) approach the piezoelectric resonance effect of an AlN ring MEMS; (ii) we design (3D FEM) a AlN micro-antenna in the THz range; (iii) then we provide the technological aspects in order to fabricate Molybdenum/ AluminiumNitride/Molybdenum (Mo/AlN/Mo) ring or helical MEMS antenna; (iv) finally we measure the piezoelectric resonances of a ring antenna.
Korter's lab is one of only a handful of university-based research labs in the world exploring the potential of THz radiation for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.
The measurement principle for determining coating layer thickness is based on the focusing of a subpicosecond pulse of THz radiation onto the surface of a tablet.