TI3Twilight Imperium 3
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TI3) while another noted, "White fellas go in for this [attending professional performance] but not ATSI kids" (pers.
But, go to pick it up and you notice the difference right away, the Ti3 is made of titanium.
(2006).Understanding the fretting wear of Ti3 SIC2, Journal of the European Ceramic Society Vol.
Gibbsite is present in Oxisols derived from limestone (Ak1) and basalt (Ti1, Ti2, Ti3, Nb1, Nb2) under more humid conditions.
Valspar Duramax paint is infused with crosslinking Ti3 technology for maximum adhesion, UV protection and durability.
TI2 (trees that stood on the plot have been removed and no other traffic has passed through the plot), TI3 (trees that stood on the plot have been removed and trees outside the plot have been skidded through the plot with 3 to 10 loaded machine passes), and TI4 (more than 10 loaded machine passes have been made through the plot).
Haymaker was tested under the experimental designation NE TI3.
This high [Fe.sub.o]/[Fe.sub.d] ratio was not simply associated with the basalt parent material of Ti2 and Ti3, as other basalitic soils (Ci2 and Ci3) had very low values of this ratio.