TIADTomorrow Is Another Day
TIADTechnical Instructions Armament Depots
TIADTürk-Alman Isadamlari Dernegi (German-Turkish Association of Businessmen)
TIADTreatment Influence on Alveolar Distention (pathology)
TIADTezgahlari Is Adamlari Dayanisma (Turkish: Machine Tools Businessmen Association for Solidarity; Istanbul, Turkey)
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Using the relationship between C p and T with the thermal decomposition parameters, the time of the thermal decomposition from initialization to thermal explosion (adiabatic time-to-explosion, t TIAD ), the self-accelerating decomposition temperature (T SADT ), thermal ignition temperature (T TIT ), critical temperatures of thermal explosion (T b ) and period of validity (t 0.
The adiabatic time-to-explosion (t TIAD ) of energetic materials is the time of decomposition transiting to explosion under the adiabatic conditions.
10) and (11) [17, 18], The values of t TIAD is 497.