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TIASThe Internet Antique Shop
TIASTelematic Internetwork Abstract Service
TIASTreaties and Other International Acts Series (compendium of treaties, United States)
TIASTry It and See (chat)
TIASTraining Information Access System (US FEMA)
TIASTarget Identification & Acquisition System
TIASTrue Indicated Air Speed (aviation)
TIASTreatment Indicated with Aspirin & Statin (medical treatment of transient ischaemic attacks)
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Individuals who have had a transient ischemic attack are twice as likely as are those in the general population to have a myocardial infarction, indicating that TIA might be a significant risk factor for MI, according to a population-based study.
Although the symptoms are similar to a stroke, a TIA is shorter - usually lasting only minutes or a few hours - and does not cause long-term disability.
The results demonstrate that TIAs are "far from benign" and should be evaluated and treated more aggressively, wrote Dr.
Now that most of my tias are gone, I realize that a part of that heritage can never be reclaimed.
Availability of linear TIAs is a key element to enable the implementation of these cost-effective modules.
Among 200 physicians from 40 states who participated in a structured telephone interview, just 22% could correctly identify typical symptoms of a TIA and recognize that TIA symptom duration is defined as less than 24 hours.
The paper presented at the IMS also discusses design and semiconductor performance trades for 40 Gb/s TIAs built in a variety of semiconductor technologies
This TIA is one of a family of fiber-optic products being developed by Sirenza for the wireline telecommunications market.
Inphi's relationship with u2t Photonics has allowed us to validate the performance characteristics of our TIAs firsthand in packaged form, with excellent results," said Gary Franzosa, director of marketing at Inphi Corporation.
All three TIAs are currently sampling to Tier 1 customers and are available for immediate purchase.
Each device in SMI's TIA family is uniquely designed to fit a particular application.