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TIBTime in Business
TIBTechnische Informationsbibliothek (Germany)
TIBTree-In-Bud (radiologic pattern)
TIBTerminal Input Buffer
TIBTera Binary Byte
TIBthe Image Bank
TIBTree Information Base
TIBTebibyte (2^40 bytes)
TIBThread Information Block (Windows data structure)
TIBTechnical Information Bulletin (Sprint)
TIBTransportation Improvement Board
TIBThe Independent BankersBank (Irving, Texas)
TIBThe Insurance Brokers (New Zealand)
TIBTrust Investment Bank
TIBThe Information Bus(TIBCO Software, Inc)
TIBTake It Back (Pink Floyd song)
TIBTemporary Importation Under Bond (customs)
TIBTops In Blue (US Air Force talent show)
TIBTebibit (2^40 bits)
TIBTake the Internet Back
TIBTaishin International Bank (Taipei, Taiwan)
TIBTag Information Base (Cisco)
TIBTemporary Import Bond
TIBTrustee in Bankruptcy (UK)
TIBThe Incredible Bulk
TIBTemenos Internet Banking
TIBTransport de les Illes Balears (Catalan: Transport on the Balearic Islands)
TIBThrift Investment Board
TIBTotal Time in Bed
TIBTask Information Base (ITU-T M 3000)
TIBTest Interface Board
TIBText Input Box
TIBTactical Intelligence Battalion (US Army)
TIBTarget Indicator Bomb
TIBThe Internet Bureau
TIBTechnology Investment Board
TIBTenant's Improvements and Betterments (insurance)
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Parameters of the TiB, Ti[B.sub.2], and [Ti.sub.3][B.sub.4] structures determined at the ground state are summarized in Table 1, along with the available experimental data for comparison.
After ingestion, TIB is rapidly metabolized in the liver and the small intestine into 3[alpha]-hydroxy-TIB (3[alpha]-OH-TIB) and 3[beta]-hydroxy-TIB (3[beta]-OH-TIB) in their sulfated inactive forms.
TIB replaced the legacy system, as the main requirements for the bank were a fully-fledged bank-in-a-box solution that provides a full range of modules and incorporates a flexible group model.
Two cars arrived at the CAC bank, with the assailants killing one of the bank's guards, he said, while the second attacked TIB, shooting and injuring one of its guards.
Now that the ruling on Twitter has been issued by the official state publication, the TIB is expected to consider the court's call to lift the ban, which caused public uproar and global condemnation, led by the United States.
The TiB provides multiple services utilizing Black Core transport architecture in accordance with CENTCOM enterprise fielding guidance.
Leg measurements: leg I Fe 2.32, Pat 0.85, Tib 1.74, Mt 1.77, Ta 0.87, total 7.55; leg II Fe 1.76, Pat 0.65, Tib 1.29, Mt 1.30, Ta 0.72, total 5.72; leg III Fe 0.91, Pat 0.35, Tib 0.63, Mt 0.55, Ta 0.41, total 2.85; leg IV Fe 1.23, Pat 0.49, Tib 0.82, Mt 0.82, Ta 0.53, total 3.89.
A study conducted by the Berlin-based Transparency International (TIB) said that most of the lawmakers are influencing administrative decisions in an undue manner, controlling educational institutions, misusing development allocations, supporting or getting involved with criminal activities and influencing public procurement.
In 2008, the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) received both the GFOA's Award for Excellence and the Washington State Quality Award for Leadership for its hard-won gains in performance.
Africa Command (AFRICOM) Container Management Program, run by the Transportation Integration Branch (TIB), Distribution Management Center, 21st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC), is a renowned success story.
Thueringer Industriebeteiligungsgesellschaft (TIB), managed by Bm-t Beteiligungsmanagement Thueringen, has acquired a stake of 11% in German photonics and mechatronics specialist Jenoptik (ETR:JEN), Bm-t said today.
Ahmed who lived in 14th century was a Turkish scientist and the writer of "Kitab-i Teshiru'l Ebdan Min e't Tib" which was one of the three illustrated anatomy books of that time (Fig.