TIBETaipei International Book Exhibition
TIBEThe Iowa Biennial Exhibition (est. 2004; Iowa City, IA; hobby exhibition)
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The Norwegian IT group EDB Business Partner ASA said on Monday (29 September) that it had agreed to divest its holding in the communications consulting group TIBE.
EDB Business Partner said that it had made a provision in its second quarter accounts for its shareholding in TIBE and that the disposal of the shares would have no further effect on its accounts.
The ceremonial center of Tibes contains a number of monumental structures, including plazas, ball courts, and petroglyph-lined causeways.
Moreover, the archaeological work conducted at Tibes incorporates some of the most rigorous and sophisticated field methods ever employed in Caribbean archaeology.
In the 1970s avocational archaeologists made the initial discovery of Tibes and conducted some of the first archaeological investigations at the site.
Newsom's study of paleobotanical remains recovered from Tibes reveals the variety of plant and tree species used at the site for nutritional, technological, and medicinal purposes.
Crespo-Torres, who examined human skeletal remains from Tibes in order to construct an osteological profile of those buried at the site, identifies a number of skeletal pathologies, including arthritis and dental caries.
Nearby, the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center includes the oldest Taino cemetery in the Antilles, an astronomical "observatory" dating to 700A.
Tibes said of PCI-32765, which uniquely targets the molecular abnormalities of lymphoma cells.