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TICALTechnology Information Center for Administrative Leadership
TICALTTY (Text Telephone) Information and Communication Access for Libraries (Maryland)
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Following this, Part 3, 'Cri tical Reflections on Management Consultancy and Management Advice', first takes up the theme of consulting knowledge and its contestable nature, and then moves the focus from management advice to the current state of academic research on consultancy.
Guttentag and Secord's (6) important work on this issue identified potential consequences of a shortage of women, such as increased violence (or even war due to a shortage of brides) and a decline in women's poli tical power (less of them to vote).
Even after its collapse, moreover, the new Irish Free State retained the greater part of the administrative structures and poli tical procedures inherited from its British past.
And one can never overlook the old colonial administrative habit of "divide and rule," exemplified, again, by British policy in the subcontinent after 1857, systematically promoting poli tical divisions between Hindus and Muslims, which led almost inexorably to the tragedy of the 1947 partition.
But Pillars of Salt is at times more descriptive than analy tical, and many readers will wish he had pulled his findings together into a more coherent statement about how this changes the way we should think about America before the Civil War.
As Massad Ayoob suggests, it's absolutely cri tical to know where your attack is coming from and have your counter to it in place beforehand.
As the CFS Management team focuses to drive down the corporate DSO, the ability to identify upcoming cash issues is cri tical.
Consequently, argues Bader-Saye, the church's poli tical position is inextricably linked to its response to the Holocaust.
While there is an argument to be made about slavery's erasure of humanness and its invocation of African inferiority, Twagilimana's theore tical speculation needs to be more obviously familiar with post-1950s scholarship in African American social history.
Adjustable beds featured at the show, including Simmons BackCare, Sealy Posturepedic and Somma models, are being repositioned in the market as a prac- tical but high-end product for all ages.
as tical ess, he elivering r mitted Mid-salem Howthose Mr Trump says he remains committed to brokering a Middle East deal, despite the Jerusalem pivot.