TICGTechnology Innovation Challenge Grant
TICGThe International Caterer's Guild (UK)
TICGTask Interaction Concurrency Graph
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Sustaining high levels of human capital productivity and a flexible and dynamic labour market, which can adapt to technological change, is fundamental for global economic integration among Kuwaiti Nationals," said co-author Jeff Youssef, General Manager at TICG and Partner, Oliver Wyman Middle East.
In fact, part of TICG's work for the National Vision entails optimizing implementation by revising the NDP to ensure it is driven by the national vision and achieves its objectives in the most effective and efficient manner.
Face-to-face training is a widely used model of professional development that can be found in the majority of TICG projects.
Many of the TICG projects use some form of Web-based professional development, often in conjunction with face-to-face training.
In the seven years since the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment reported on the dire need for teacher technology training, the TICG program has impacted more that 60,000 teachers nationwide.
Project Millennium (www.united.isd.tenet.edu/instruction/millennium), located in Laredo, Texas, is a TICG project that collaborates with ALCA to provide online lessons that have been developed along Texas standards.
The West Virginia TurnKey Solution is a TICG program that provides technology and curriculum integration training to teachers.
It is important to acknowledge that the TICGs have produced many other curriculum projects that were not mentioned in this article.
Abstracts, on ED's Web site, of the TICG projects awarded between 1995 and 2000 reveal that 34 projects specifically described technology integration as a focus of the project and another 12 referred to "technology-rich" curriculum, "technology infusion" or "embedding technology" into the teaching and learning process.
This article, the first in a series of articles on the impact of TICG programs organized around major themes, will provide examples of best practices in technology integration from five TICG projects, representing school districts in 15 states.
According to Yepes-Baraya (2002), "Integrated technology is technology that supports and enhances the achievement of specific teaching and learning goals." In order to assist teachers in developing fluency in using technology in support of the teaching and learning process, most TICG projects engage in ongoing professional development activities.
Alliance+ TICG (www.k12science.org/alliance), with training sites in Arizona, Florida and Ohio, has developed a model for integrating unique and compelling Internet applications into its curriculum.