TICIThrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction
TICITraining Institute for Chemical Industries (Bangladesh)
TICITempleton Investment Counsel, Inc. (Florida)
TICITransparency International Corruption Index
TICITranspacific International Consolidator Inc. (Paranaque, Manila, Philippines)
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The first step of this process was the transformation of the TICI to the TSK (Turk Spor Kurumu [The Institute of Turkish Sport[), which maintained a direct link to CHP, the single party of the state (Cumhuriyetci Halk Partisi [Republican People's Party]) for two years (1936-1938) and all sportsmen became registered members of the CHP.
addresses the TICI and requires them to construct a sport club for women as a model, and invites women to support and stand up for this project (K.
For the 2001 TICI and HDI data, the value of the coefficient of correlation between the two series for all countries in the world was .
Early experience from a European multicenter study, where ACE64 is already available, reported high rates of revascularization at 96% TICI 2b/3, a fast procedure time of 37 minutes on average and mRS scores <=2 at discharge of 48%.