TICLTemporary Increase in Coverage Limit (insurance)
TICLTorts, Insurance and Compensation Law (New York State Bar Association)
TICLTag Interface Component Library (computing)
TICLTata Investment Corporation Ltd. (India; est. 1939)
TICLThe Internet Connection Ltd. (UK)
TICLTemperature Induced Cable Loss (Bellcore)
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The mean deviation of axis of TICL from one week to six months postoperatively was 2.
Lawmakers have since taken some steps to whittle down TICL and agreed to phase it out completely over the next several years.
In addition, TICL benefits from reinsurance support from SPFM, according to the analysts.
The largest carrier opting out of TICL this year is Citizens Property Insurance Corp.
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However, last year legislators changed course and began to slowly scale back the size of the TICL layer.
Each company is entitled to select its Cat Fund premium share of a total of $10 billion of TICL optional coverage.
This law change also increased the cost of TICL coverage and authorized the Cat Fund to charge insurers more to build up its cash reserves.
The $12 billion TICL layer will be eliminated in $2 billion increments over a six-year period, commencing in 2009.
The Florida Legislature passed a bill that would gradually phase out the TICL layer of the fund by $2 billion a year over a six-year period while also increasing the price of this coverage.
It cuts $2 billion from the Cat Fund's Temporary Increase in Coverage Limit (TICL) layer this year and establishes a plan to drawn down TICL completely after the 2013 hurricane season, returning this coverage to the private reinsurance market.