TICLETexas Institute of Continuing Legal Education (Austin, TX)
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Now available at <https://web.archive.org/web/20070726034901/http://tehranavenue.com/ar ticle.php?icfc370>.
On the par t of authors writing an ar ticle, typing it, printing it and sending it by post used to be a snail paced task.
But notwithstanding that, the good Reverend was on the telephone about the ar ticle.
TICLE: Using multimedia multimodal guidance to enhance learning.
DAVIES SPECIAL: See News P6&7; our ar ticle before the Belarus game
The undeniable utility of RFT in dealing with multiple stimulus relations may well explain why Sidman (2000) failed to address or even cite any of the empirical studies on multiple stimulus relations in his most recent ar ticle. We invite him once again, therefore, to join us in the empirical arena by offering an account of the current data that is clearly predicted from within his theoretical framework.
The essentially economic nature of the organisation was reflected in the ECOWAS Treaty that created it and, in the context of this ar ticle, there was hardly consideration of security issues.
Though presumably most drinkers' wives who brought suit under a dramshop act did not read this particular ar ticle, they acted as it advised.
We have tried to elucidate Parker's position as clearly as possible before indicating our objections, but readers may wish to read our reply alongside the original ar ticle.
The results presented in this ar ticle are exploratory, based on a single participant.