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1998) Rating Spontaneous dispersion Mechanical dispersion 0, nil Clear water Clear water 1 Discoloured water Cloud of clay particles around cube 2, very slight A thin clay particle Thin ring of clay par- cloud present around ticles around edge of the soil beaker 3, slight A thin line of clay Thick ring of clay parti- particles begin to cles around edge of beaker accumulate around the edge of beaker 4, moderate A thick line of clay Small circle clear of particles around the clay particles in middle edge of beaker of beaker 5, severe Whole base of beaker Whole base of beaker cove- covered with clay red with clay particles particles Table 2.
In particular, ar ticles on the NIST Center for Neutron Research capabilities describe the elegant instrumentation available for the rapid collection of neutron powder diffraction data and for property measurement.
Except as otherwise provided under the Amended Ar ticles or required by the Kansas General Corporation Code, the holders of the FON Stock and the PGS Stock will vote together as a single class.
We are confident that these ar ticles will raise a myriad of issues facing both the researcher and professional practitioner.
9] prepared silver nanopar- ticles inside the highly stable hybrid unimolecular micelles with thermosensitive poly(NIPAM) shells.
This year JPMA will try to enlighten its readers with practical guide ar ticles through its Learning Research Series.
2 Peer review also emerged as a new research field and became a new concept in medical research, so that the National Library of Medicine introduced "Peer Review, Research" as a term in its vocabulary thesaurus for indexing ar ticles for PubMed - Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in 1994.