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TICOTravel Industry Council of Ontario
TICOTifereth Israel Community Orchestra (San Diego, CA)
TICOTraining Institute for Careers in Organizing (New York, NY)
TICOTasmanian Index of Community Organisations (Australia)
TICOTexas Insurance Checking Office, Inc. (Austin, TX)
TICOThrombolysis in Coronary Occlusion (cardiology)
TICOTeastas Iarchéime san Oideachas (Irish: Postgraduate Certificate in Education)
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The modes achieve latency of less than 5ms with TICO, 200ms with JPEG2000 and 160ms with HEVC.
If Tico a surfer splashing about, 'Tico just lives for going in the water,' says Chester, 45.
measuring sleeve TICO RICS 5002- 50-24 (L = 290 mm) (or analogue thereof) in an amount of 6 pieces,
TICO compression is today the most flexible choice to manage the colossal bandwidth requirements and to simplify the interface complexity for transporting uncompressed 8K video.
Tico got a break when semifinal opponent Steve Kiorpes couldn't play due to an injured knee.
Otto, a two-year-old male rescue dog who once lived in Croatia, and Tico, a seven-yearold male, disappeared two weeks ago.
In addition to creating a more efficient business structure, this decision will also help to deepen the expertise of TICO in the development and production of even more competitive automotive diesel engines.
The completion of the tender offer comes after TICO received clearance under the Hart-Scott-Rodino act.
Referring to the Tico Tac case, Hobeish said a recent decision by the Accounting Department against Finance Ministry employees when Siniora was the finance minister was based on "wrong figures and they were not found guilty of squandering public funds.
We'll stop at Tico Tony's tonight, sweetie," her mother said.
Concern is emerging among growers in Costa Rica as "the industry has been associated with the deterioration and erosion of soils, the destruction of ecosystems and the contamination of water supplies," writes Will Ferguson for the Tico Times.