TICTTI (Texas Instruments) Chess Team
TICTTwisted Intramolecular Charge Transfer
TICTTartous International Container Terminal (Tartous, Syria)
TICTTourism Industry Council Tasmania (Australia)
TICTTactical Intelligence Collection Team
TICTTrue Isovolumetric Contraction Time (cardiology)
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The prospectus for investors was co-funded by the TICT and the State and Federal Government and will act as a blueprint of opportunity for development in our unique wilderness areas.
TICTS also launched a regional office in Rwanda to market the port in that area, to bring service closer to its customers.
The logistical assistance of the Port Manager as well as of TICTS is also gladly acknowledged.
TICTS handled 340,000 TEU last year, in comparison with its capacity of just 250,000 TEU/year.
However, TICTS may be deterred from making further investment by doubts over its concession.
In April 2016, the CAG tabled his 2014/15 Audit Report of the public entity and others, in Parliament, listing several deficiencies in the contract and proposed that "the government should review the Ticts lease agreement with a view to ensuring that public interests are protected therein.
Through the Parastatal Sector Reform Commission (PSRC) and TPA, the government signed a 10-year lease with Ticts and International Container Terminal Service Inc, (ICTASI) on May 5, 2000.
Removal and reallocation of unused facilities (sheds 5-7, Sheds 2-3, Midport shed, Central workshop, TICTS office building ); b.
We are offering five per cent of the company s share to its workers, said the manager, For 10 years TICTS have celebrated their family day with employees, including their families to strengthen cooperation, calling on them to continue working hard.
Now, TICTS have 5 quay cranes with the addition of this.