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TIDTer In Die (Latin: Three Times A Day)
TIDThree Times a Day (prescriptions)
TIDTake It Down
TIDTrade and Industry Department
TIDTunnel Identifier
TIDTerminal Identifier
TIDTechnical Information Document
TIDTime Interval Difference
TIDTotal Intermodulation Distortion
TIDTurbo Injection Diesel
TIDTarget Id
TIDThread Identifier
TIDTerrorist Investigation Division (Sri Lanka)
TIDTotal Ionizing Dose (radiation hardness)
TIDTransaction Identifier
TIDTree Identifier
TIDTarget Identification
TIDTechnical Information Document (Novell)
TIDTerminal Identification
TIDTax Increment District
TIDTask Identifier
TIDTráfico Ilícito de Drogas (Spanish: Illegal Drug Trafficking)
TIDThread Identification
TIDThis Is Dumb
TIDTechnical Information Department
TIDTraveling Ionospheric Disturbance
TIDTactical Information Display (US Navy aviation)
TIDThermionic Ionization Detector
TIDTouch Interactive Display
TIDTactical Impact Device
TIDTriple Information Display (car instrument)
TIDTracking Identification
TIDTotal Integrated Dose
TIDTraffic Identifier
TIDThermionic Detector
TIDTrusted Image Dissemination
TIDTransient Ischaemic Dilation (cardiology)
TIDTask Identification Number
TIDTurbo Inlet Duct
TIDTarget Impact Dispersion
TIDTamper Indication Device
TIDTask Instruction Document
TIDTotal Ion Detector
TIDThermal Interface Document
TIDTechnical Implementation Directive
TIDThermal Interface Drawing
TIDTerminal Indication Dropped
TIDTelephonic Instrument for the Deaf
TIDTechnical Infrastructure Definition
TIDTroop Information Division
TIDTool Install Design (Intel)
TIDTrustee Investment Department
TIDTechnical Infrastructure Document
TIDTechnology Infrastructure Division (various locations)
TIDTools for Integrated Diagnostics
TIDTelephone Information Directory
TIDTax Instalment Deduction (Australia)
TIDTrans Ischemic Dilation (cardiology)
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Previous studies have not dealt with the manner of motion in TID with the exception of one study (Arik, 2010a) which investigated motion event descriptions in four sign languages: American Sign Language, Croatian Sign Language, Austrian Sign Language, and TID.
The Delisting by the DFSA is due to the failure of the Reporting Entity for TID Global Sukuk 1 Limited, the Investment Dar Company K.
That it is possible for there to be a 'conflict of interest' between the Shari'ah Board and a Board of Directors would appear to be clear from the example cited on the opposite page in which TID attempted to claim that the contract it entered into was not 'Islamic'.
The letter gave notice of the CC's resignation effective at the close of business 28 November 2010, unless a written commitment was received from the TID Board to immediately begin negotiations on an alternative 'Debt for Equity' proposal and to issue invitations to shareholders to attend an OGM/EGM to discuss a restructuring plan based on this principle.
Figure 3 illustrates the effect of TID of SNP and DETA-NO on rat skin survival.
In addition to conserving the use of IP addresses to monitor network elements, the T5 Compact TID offers dramatic cost savings to carriers by reducing the amount of expensive Network Operation Center (NOC) switches, cabling and other associated management equipment required for network element alarm monitoring.
Using the point-and-dick development environment of the CTE 1400 Design Studio, it took me less than a day to transform the entire telemetry application into a cellular phone-compatible wireless application protocol format," says Andrew Postma, TID systems analyst.
Stellent Content Management allows more than 100 TID employees to contribute content, and more than 400 TID employees located in three different office locations to quickly and easily access and manage company information and customer invoices through its intranet site.
The TID was made at the first visit of a patient to the outpatient clinic, and the initial clinical diagnosis was established at that patient's next visit to the same clinic.
Before these changes occurred, TID performed most technical information work (publications, graphic presentations, videography, multimedia presentations, photography, and library services) for its customer base - NRaD's technical (scientists and engineers) and administrative personnel.
In patients unresponsive to psychotropic therapy for painful neuropathy, carbamazepine 100-200mg TID and phenytoin 100mg TID have been used with some success.